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Most of the pictures are of Kansas International Dragway, but there are also pictures of nostalgia drag racing and a few other things thrown in.

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Kansas International Dragway

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Nostalgia Drag Racing

Wichita International Raceway

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Wichita International Raceway


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Jim Marlett(non-registered)
Jason, I wasn't photographing drag racing in the 1970s. Sorry.
Jason Welch(non-registered)
If you have pictures from 1970 to 1972 of a red 66 Dart I would like to see them as they may be my dad in his car
Kansas International Dragway album makes me very impressed :)
Art Gibson(non-registered)
What? No narrow gauge trains? I have been living in Topeka for 20 years. Just wanting to say "Hi". wag jr
this shit is wack
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